• DrinkmL is a potable drinking water technology company from the United Kingdom.

    Our goal is to deliver clean and pure drinking water on the go via a convenient and affordable product that’s ready for the real world. From gym goers and office workers right the way through to adventurers and world travelers, DrinkmL provides a simple solution that is ready for anything.

    By looking at age-old problems with the benefit of new technology, we created a product that works in any setting. The result is a fully insulated bottle that makes sure a purified source of drinking water is always within reach, no matter where the day takes you. When it’s time to focus on everyday hydration and your health and wellbeing, we wouldn’t settle for anything less.

    Our Promise is to deliver purified water on the go for you whilst making a difference by moving past single-use plastics. In combining functionality, style and quality in perfect harmony in the design of the DrinkmL bottle, we know we can play our part!

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